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Skyway Trucking School Training


Skyway Trucking School's Tractor Trailer Driver Course prepares students for the California DMV Class A license exam and for entry-level employment driving all types of commercial vehicles. This is a four-week program consisting of hands-on instruction and thorough preparation of defensive driving and emergency theories.

Skyway Trucking School has its own fleet of tractors and trailers used exclusively for training. Students also train on city, county and federal highway systems. Hands-on training is why Skyway graduates are the best in their field!

Skyway Trucking School instructors hold proven teaching qualifications and years of real world experience. Individual instruction assures comprehensive training and total preparation for your new career as a Professional Truck Driver.

Upon successful completion of Skyway Trucking Schools training program and the California DMV tests, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Skyway Trucking School and their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) from DMV.

Skyway Trucking School Career Specialists will work with you from enrollment to Graduation. Skyway Trucking School can help you with obtaining financing for tuition, and will work with you in applying for positions with America’s leading industry carriers.

:: Orientation
:: Pre-trip inspection
:: Coupling and uncoupling
:: Straight line & Angle backing
:: Progressive Shifting
:: Close-quarter maneuvering
:: Road Driving: city, urban, & open road
:: Safety
:: Defensive Driving
:: Driver's hours of service
:: DOT Regulations
:: CDL Examination Preparation and Testing
:: Job Placement Assistance

Skyway Trucking School training facilities are open 8:00am to 5:00pm PST Monday - Friday and closed on Saturday's and Sunday's